I'm a 24 year old attractive girl and yet I've never really been kissed. Should I tell the guy I'm dating?

First, you should know that I am not a loner, guys hit on me often enough and I am comfortable around boys. I am good on dates, I am always the one ending the "relationship".

I had plenty of opportunities but every time I got close to get a french kiss, I got scared.

Because it means a lot to me and also because I'm scared of what the guy will think if I tell him that I've never been kissed (i'm not scared of telling that I am a virgin, this is different, I think).

Should I worry about it? should I tell him?

Thank you for your help!


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  • I wouldn't worry about it especially if you are an attractive girl. I would say when the moment feels right kiss your man with some passion (the best!). The more you kiss the more comfortable you will be. There shouldn't be any pressure only pleasure! and fun most of all. I would even mention you've never kissed! Good luck

    • thank you for your comment, it really helped me and comforted me!

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  • you should tell him, and if the is a good man he won't mind, and he will help you

    • thanks a lot for your answer!

  • glad I'm not alone in this, I'm almost 23 and still virgin, never had a girlfriend

    • im sure that we are so not alone in this, there are thousands of people like us!

      we just have to keep faith and keep trying to find the right person.

      good luck!

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