Is this foolish to ask?

I am 20 years old and I never dated or had a boyfriend. I can't say I wanted this, but it just happened. I never been with a boy, so I don't know anything about this. I don't think it is because of how I look or how I am...everyone tells me I'm pretty, I am very sociable, I have a lot of friends and I get along very well with boys...i have best friends who are boys. this weird? Would my total lack of any experience be a problem for a possible future date or boyfriend? Would I make a total fool of myself if I confess this to a boy?


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  • I'm 21 and have only dated one girl for a few months. That's all the relationship experience I have. I would love to be with a girl such as yourself. I'd much rather be with a girl that has no experience than with a girl who has tons of experience. Don't be afraid to tell any guy what you just told us, its nothing to be ashamed about!


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