She says I'm too tame when kissing her?

What do I need to do for the next time?

We are good friends and we've made out once a few months ago. I want to turn this into a relationship but every time the subject of our last "session" comes up, she says I'm too tame. Because of this I haven't tried again. What should I do to not be tame and have her enjoy it?


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  • Ok dude

    Next time you get an opporunity try this. Put your left hand on her face softly before you kiss her. Keep it there and kiss her softly and let you tongue slip into her mouth and play with her tongue.

    If she really diggin this you might bring your right hand up and start feeling her up.

    • lol, that seems tame... like too soft...

    • Thats just step 1 of more that get you all the way. And from what you said its a step in the right direction.