Online Dating: confused I though it was going well? Or is it?

Online date seemed to go well? I'm 30 and he is 28. We hit it off the first week on the first day we started emailing each other! Long paragraphs were written. The next day numbers were exchanged. We passed pictures and he called me twice every day. We finally met Friday night and had a good time playing pool! I can tell he was interested he kept touching my shoulder and waist. He helped me out and he would get very close to my face and kept complimenting me. He even said could I see you next Friday. I said yes and he jumped up with excitement. After that we text messages each other. We would take turns messaging each other. I dared asked him on Wednesday if we were still on for Friday and he said he had a family thing going. Then his messages dwindled down. Then I started to go online again I haven't heard from him for a couple of days. I saw him online as well to my surprise. Then I knew he saw me online and quickly text messaged me. Because he quickly text messaged me...He then said a family emergency came up and apologized about not getting back to me. So I said no problem and I haven't heard from him and four days passed and text message him how his family problem was doing and no response. But the thing is that I see him online on the dating site? I don't know if he freaked out that it was going too fast? But we were both going at the same rate? Lol?!? I just don't understand everything seemed to go super well? Should of done a little more on my part? Also another thing I should mention Is that I told him that I'm a virgin at the beginning of our emailing. What should I do? Please seeking answers from those around my age and older?


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  • As an online dating expert,

    This is the classic signs of a man who is using online dating with a "next best thing" mentality. He may have had some interest in you, but likely during the time between your date and the next week, he moved on to someone else that diverted his attention. Every case is different. He may have felt it in the moment when he went out with you, or he may deep down be very insecure and have needed that validation of knowing you liked him. Regardless, the fact that he is online and ignoring your texts means he is moving on to the next girl.

    You are better off finding out after date one than later on. Find someone who is more able to commit to getting to know you.

  • Dump him and find someone else

    cause it sounds like all he wanted is to have sex with you but then got scared off by something you either said or did or did not do or by what someone else said

    If he was truly interested in you then he would of contacted you even with a family emergency

    speaking from experiences as yes I have done this when I was a lot younger

    If a gentleman is interested in a woman he will contact her anyway he can when ever he can unless she starts going to fast and scares him off take it slow find out what he really wants

    if he wants a long term relationship or just a casual friends with benefits relationship

    don't be quick to blame your self if it suddenly breaks off with no contact some men do this for a couple of reasons first they have another woman or are married ,second they are scared to commit to along term relationship

    and you stated you was a virgin well at 30 he probably thinks that's weird to some it is to others it is not it depends on your religion's

    my self I would not see that as a problem that would be very intriguing and would show a lot of commitment to remain so for so long

    so my advice speaking from a male point of view would be to find someone who does care about you for more then your looks or you being a virgin someone who is not afraid to take that next step to commitment

    feel free to contact me if you like more of an explanation


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