I don't get it! guys please help me!

ok my ex and I are still friends, maybe because we see us everyday in school but I have a new bf

my ex always tries to flirt with the same girl since more than a year and last weekend he probably kissed her (she is a very talkative person and doesn`t want him as a boyfriend, but she was so drunken she doesn`t know if she kissed him) but he is also texting me on fb or text message me and he even wrote me a message although he is in thailand on vacation and this texts are most of the time a littly flirty and we write funny stuff

so why does he write me when he is into that other girl and although I have a bf? (yes he knows that I have a boyfriend because my boyfriend is a good friend of my ex...)


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  • Because he wants to have his cake and eat it too!

    It just sounds like he doesn't want to limit himself to one girl. Its a little disrespectful of him to flirt with you, especially since he knows you have a boyfriend and its one of his friends. Not cool.

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