Should I tell or wait?

I really like this guy and we have been hanging out a lot lately we see eacother at least a few times a week.

should I tell him that I like him or should I wait to see if he likes me and wait to see if he will tell me?

I just hate wasting my time advice would be great!


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  • I think..Started from this day.You should wait about 1 week and look will he tell you that he like you or not.If he still didn't say that word yet,than you should take a step and tell your feeling to him.

  • Talk to him, trust me, it's easier for the long run. If you tell him, he'll give you an answer right there and then. Then you won't have to waste time wondering and analyzing every little thing he does to see if he likes you or not

    • what is the best way to tell him? cause if he doesn't have a mutual feeling then it could be a bit embaressing and awkward for me.

      Ironically he is actually my next door neighbour and never calls me his mate but his neighbour or his favorite neighbour to others or he has a nickname which he calls me. I have met some of his mates they like me he told me but is any of this really any positive indications?