Question for people that have used dating sites, have you ever seen anyone you know/recognize?

I made a profile on plentyoffish about a week ago, last night a guy I shared 2 classes with last semester sent me a message. Apparently he was into me... I feel really awkward and kinda want to delete my profile. He's a nice guy, not someone I would date but a definite friend. I am so embarrassed someone saw me on that sight that I actually know in person! I feel pathetic.

Have you ever found someone you actually know on those sites? I don't know what to do! and I pray to god he is also not on this site, but I had to risk it and post anyways


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  • 1 its not pathetic its kinda new age

    2 tell him you use facebook to get to know people who are in your life and other sites for people who aint

    • You don't think that would be too rude?

    • nah just say it matter of fact. just say this is kinda embarressing cos its not what I use this site for, but you seem interesting could I get you to facebook me

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  • omg you b**** I can't believe you told ppl!


    • ... NOT FUNNY ... well sort of funny after my heart started beating again

    • im actually both replys. I just thought you set up a joke rather well there.

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  • Well, you're an anonymous user - do you think he'll find you on here?

    anyway, back to your question. I have seen or heard that other people I know on online dating sights! And I was kinda like you - embarrassed. Two guys from my high school, both I would never date. Another guy, I actually dated earlier this year and just bumped into him. He still likes me, but I wasn't that into him. Who knows how many people have seen me, and I don't know it.

    You have to do what's right for you. Good luck :)

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