Guys: Would you date a girl if she's depressed?

Or is it something she should get resolved before even thinking of dating?

I was just wondering.


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  • We ALL have problems and there's no reason to think you're a pariah. A lot of people, maybe a third of the population, have suffered periods of depression. Talking to others is good therapy. But you will get along better in general with other people who have that tendency.

    I'm sure by now you have at least an infomral network of people who can relate to your depression. Try making a conscious effort to date within that group, maybe AS a group at first.

    Dating as a couple might be difficult until you already know the other person through group activities.


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  • Sure, you can still date. You will need to be selective, though. It will have to be someone mature and/or someone who has had experience with depression themselves. Preferably someone with 'references' from people you know.

    Good luck!

  • Depression is definitely one of the most difficult obstacles to face while in a relationship. The severity of the depression can affect how important it can be. I would date a girl most definitely. It doesn't matter to me. But I kinda have a lot of experience with the topic. If the guy is mature enough then it can work out.

  • wh not , if she want to resolve a proble you can't doit alone .

    sum guys they don't like that because they want some drama freee , just for funnn


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