I want to text him something important... I'm not sure if I should.

I just got home from college on the 11th of December, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months and ever since I got home I've seen him like 4 times :/ He came to visit me once, I went to visit him twice, and I got to see him on a friends birthday.

We live 30 minutes apart, and I understand he doesn't have a car, but both of his parents have the winter off work and they have 3 cars... my parents are also free but we have one car and no money for gas as embarrassing as it is.

We haven't really talked while I was here and its upsetting me.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that he wakes up at 5pm most days and spends all his time while not with me on black ops. While I'm away we talk every night, and text throughout the day. and even though I don't expect that of him... we barely text now :/

But when I saw him yesterday at my friends party everything was normal. We cuddled, talked and laughed just as we normally would...

I just want to see him more. I sent him a text earlier today asking if he was free this week (my last week), and while he's probably just waking up, he hasn't responded.

I'm about to send a text that says "I leave for dc next Sunday, I don't know what to make of our distance since I got home. it's a little unfortunate. "

But what I really want to say is "make a f***ing effort to see me before I leave"

So should I text him "I leave for dc next sunday, I don't know what to make of our distance since I got home. it's a little unfortunate. "

Should I ask him to call me, instead?

Or what else?
Never mind, we ended up breaking up because I was (in his words) everything he asked for, but not what he wanted.

Thanks guys!


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  • First of all: Fuel is expensive.

    There is nothing embarrassing about your parents saving up and investing their money on more important things. Be very confident about your financial status such stuff, it doesn't matter in life, you can do everything if you have the will. Most self made billionaires started off with merely pennies to spare.

    Just addressed this issue because it ticks me off a little. Moving on.

    The basic problem here is that you have this itching pain that is bugging you, and you have done every possible thing expect to SCRATCH it away. You want to see him more. And instead of saying something as simple and direct as 'I WANT TO SEE YOU MORE OFTEN' , you go ahead asking if he is free.

    He is not a mind reader sweetheart, he needs to KNOW the issue to solve it. You are slowly burning in agony whereas he has not clue he is hurting you in a way. Many girls behave this way and ultimately one day, blow up all the sudden in front of their boyfriends because they hit the boiling point. But they leave the guy confused and shocked because he has NO freaking clue he even did anything wrong.

    Your solution: Talk to him. Face to face, meet up somehow. Tell him directly and very explicitly that you want to spend more time with him and you have issue with his x y z habit. He is your BOYFRIEND, it is hi right to know if he is doing anything wrong because he is unaware and is no mind reader.

    You are planning to drop this sudden bomb without giving a chance to him to improve and make it up, and that in itself is wrong to begin with. Therefore you have to confront him, but politely about these bad habits of his. He won't bite you, so be honest. This is the one and ONLY solution that will help. Otherwise you can keep secrets and burn in silence until the day you hit the boiling point and blow off at him.

    So bottom line: talk. Sit together and talk without rushing up. Express yourself with a heart to heart LONG meaningful conversation. If he still acts like that, then he is aware of his problem. Hence you may dump him.

    I hope this answers your question. Good luck!

    -Ali Mahad

    • Thanks :) This really cleared up a lot. I did end up sending him the text message because I figured I should be as honest as possible, and he called back almost immediately. The thing was he was playing black ops with his brother and I really just want to talk about this before it becomes an issue... But as soon as he became even slightly distracted by the game I noticed myself become slightly emotional, because it made me feel like I did in my last relationship, so

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    • Yeah, I took your advice. It somehow led to the topic of him not liking me as much as he thought he did, he felt a more physical connection. Apparently, that's the reason why he's been so distant. HE said I was everything he asked for and not what he wanted; so I'm glad its over.

    • You should be. Good job because now you don't have to be guilty about it.

      And this is way better then a fake artificial relationship and THEN being dumped after passage of precious time.

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  • Wow... that guy sucks at life.


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  • I'd call him. For something as small as my boyfriend coming up to my house for new years (we're an hour and a half away from each other) I called him to sort out the details. I've had bad experiences with texting, even when it came to who was dealing with the limo for prom junior year. Texting has very little, if no emotion. What you could consider one way of saying it, he may take it another way and the whole thing could be blown out of proportion. Just call him. :) Hope this helps and good luck!

  • R you doubting? If so, doubt means don't. In the words of Oprah.