Advice for tonight?

So I was going out with this guy, we got on really well, you know those people you just click with straight away? well we've been together for over a month.

It all went wrong when he had these problems occur (I know about them). I wasn't fussed about seeing him as I knew he had to sort the probs out. but he ignored my texts and calls. (he also ignored his brothers for 99% of the time - they say this is what he does when he has problems, shuts away from everyone so he can deal with it) well I left it for a couple days one time during him ignoring me to see what he'd do and he never contacted me or anything. It's been going on for over a week this ignoring me so I've ended it because I can't cope with being ignored as my ex used to do this all the time then tell me he'd found someone else. well this guy hasn't go off with anyone else, I've asked his brothers (they all tell me he really likes me he's just scared of getting hurt because he really likes me and his ex hurt him) I trust him and know he wouldn't cheat. I just got sick of waiting for him and the silence between us.

Well my cousin slept over at his house last nite as she's with his brother. well they told him this morn that I didn't wana be with him anymore (as I couldn't since he was ignoring me) he's told them basically 'f**k her, I'm not chasing her' and putting on this big front to them that he's not bothered. But my cousin says you can tell he's bothered. he's also asking to come to our home town (they live in the next city) and go out drinking with us all 2nite, knowing I'm going to be there, and he hasn't wanted to see any of us for the past nearly 2 weeks.

Well it all points to him wanting to come out with them as I'm going to be there? or so we think. (yes or no?)

I'm going to be all dressed up in one of my dresses which he really likes to remind him how we we're before and that he likes me and all that jazz, but how do I act?

I already know not to be all over him and that, but do I just talk to him normally or wait for him to talk to me?

How do we make that first approach? He's stubborn and so am I (as he's in the wrong I don't want to seem like I'm backing down on how I feel about him ignoring me for his problems), I just don't want it to seem like I'm all desperate for him back, I really do miss him and we(me, my cuzn and his bros) are hoping that me breaking if off with him will make him realise he shouldn't ignore me and say he's sorry. (I've tried talking to him on the rare times he does talk 2 me and explained to him that just a text to let me know he's okay and to say hey in the day would do and he promised me he would but only did once).

I don't want to seem all forward and rushed but I need to know how to approach the issue, and espesically if he ignores me.


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  • You don't need the drama of him hiding away and not contacting you when he has these "problem" episodes. You don't ignore people you care about. Sure, there may be times when a text or something goes unanswered but that's not the norm.

    As for you guys being together, he has already made that choice by choosing not to contact you.

    Go out, be yourself, be polite to him but you certainly are under no obligation to initiate any kind of contact with him. You have already done that and he ignored you; avoid any more drama by moving on.


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