How should I react to the first date being at her house?

OK so I asked this girl out a few days ago and she said yes immediately. I'm thinking nice she was thinking the same thing I was. Couple days pass, and she texts me to come over to her house. Now, how should I work with that? Does that mean she really likes me or does she not like leaving home? Also what the hell can I suggest for date 2 that properly follows up being at her house?


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  • um not really sure I would NEVER have a first date at my house haha

    • Point taken. It wasn't weird or anything, hell we're in high school her family was there. Which is the point. Does she like her family that much or does she like me that much?

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    • being in high school and having the first date at the girls house is actually pretty normal. I'm assuming neither of you can drive, so it's probably easiest to have it at her house. I had a first date with someone a while back at my house because neither of us could drive. Having a first date at her house doesn't mean she likes her family an abnormal amount, or that she doesn't like you. She probably just figured she would be more comfortable in that setting so it wouldn't be a bad idea.

    • Well I can drive she put off the license for a while. That makes sense.

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