First date etiquette?

I have a date on Sunday. Met this guy online - we will be meeting for coffee or early afternoon drinks.

We have chatted once on the phone, the other times through email. This guy has made several references to me coming to his place the first time we meet (if I don't find him creepy).

Is it okay to ask on a first date what they are wanting? fb, fwb, ltr, etc.

Thank you for all your answers - they are all good!


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  • I actually don't think its a good idea to ask on the first date for LTR, unless through the communication so far you actually feel you know the other person quite well enough to go further. Saying it on the first date seems a little pushy to me. I'd say go with at least 2 to 3 dates when you know the other person a little better. Give yourselves a little chance to get to know each other better without too much intimacy too cloud your judgement and if both parties are interested to go forward talk about LTR. FB and FWB is if there's only sexual attraction you both don't think that you are compatible enough to make any sort of relationship, then yeah hell after first date whatever. If that's the case though you are in control and make it clear from the first date.


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  • You know what, I think so. You have a right to know where he thinks this will be going and establishing your boundaries early on with him. He must know what you're comfortable with. Communication is key.

    Don't ever be afraid with inquiring about what a man is wanting/expecting out of this relationship, or letting him know where you stand.

    And by the way, I would advise not to go to his place until you've discerned what this guy is all about. Especially on the first, or second, or third dates. Use your instincts and don't give in to the tempting environment of spending some alone time with him right off the bat. Be smart about this.

  • Not only is it OK, it is necessary. Make sure you want the same things going forward.

    Good luck and be safe. Remember to listen to your intuition!

  • I think its alright, any relationship of any kind should be built with honesty. Asking it just gets it out of the way so there is no misleading on either end.

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