Should I kiss him at midnight or would it be a bad idea?

I have a crush on one of my guy friends. He seems to be completely oblivious to it, or he's just not interested in me in that way (I haven't told him or even really shown him that I like him in a more than friendly way. The past few weeks I've been trying to just get to know him better. We have a lot in common, and we're very similar in the way we think. I tend to be more on the reserved side, but I'm tired of being meek and passive with this guy. I really want to kiss him tonight at midnight. Has anyone had this experience? Was it worth it?

I'm thinking about just blaming it on being wasted if it goes badly. That being said, is this foolproof or just reckless and embarrassing?


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  • I'd first wanna make sure that he's into you to be honest O_o

    How touchy-feely are you with him? I'd say increase that first, see how he reacts.. If all that's favorable, and you DO get this positive, flirty vibe from him, maybe just ask it out loud, and you can even do it in a sort of nonchalant, flirty, playful kind of tone.. Doesn't even have to be like 'whooaaaa, do I wanna kiss you right now. wah wah wah'..

    You can totally turn it around on him, whispering in his ear or something.. 'well well, getting touchy-feely are we? How much do you look forward to kissing me at midnight?'.

    All that aside, when you do kiss him out of the blue, it does go bad, and you do blame it on being drunk, the story will spread like wildfire, and that might be a bad thing...


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  • Maybe you should just tell him you like him, or be close to him (dancing or something) so he gets the picture. See how he reacts and go from there. I think you will have better chances that way than if you kiss him "out of the blue" at midnight. Other reasons for not doing that are 1) you might hesitate and not do it 2) he might be kissing someone else by midnight 3)If it goes badly you can ruin new years eve for both of you, and believe me people can tell when you are really "wasted" and when you are just pretending

  • You scheming little devil!

    Seriously, you even have planned the excuse... remember, better regret doing it rather than not.


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