So he bucked up the courage and asked me on a date, any advice?

So, finally, the guy who I've been interested in for a while now has asked me out! Jeeez, took long enough. =P

So anyway, it consists of the two of us hiking up a local hill together-- it's gonna be awesome!

But, this is a first date guys, any advice?

You know, conversation topics and all that jazz, flirting, kissing. . .

Maybe even experiences that made your first date great! I'll appreciate every word. :)


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  • Just act naturally. Dates go horribly when both people are TRYING to do well. If you're trying to find a guy you can be with, you need to act naturally, otherwise everything falls apart. So conversation topics and all that jazz need not be planned out. If you two go on a date and have nothing in common and can't find things to talk about, then it probably isn't meant to be.

    As for kissing, it depends on what you're comfortable with. I generally don't think kisses on the lips are appropriate for a first date. I think everything should be done with time and not rushed. So, it really depends on what you want.

    Though, this is all my opinion. Hope it helps.

    • Well he's a really close friend of mine sooo. . . we definately have things in common! But I'm worried that in the pressure of the moment there'll be that awkward silence - we've never properly been alone together even though we're together quite often.

    • So, instead of trying to plan ahead (other than where to go and what to do), why not try and be yourself? It's completely normal to be nervous, and in a way, it should show this guy that you are interested in him.

      The only thing you have to worry about is being too nervous. if you don't answer his questions and really just ignore him, it may give off the wrong impression. But if you blush, smile, answer his questions, maybe dance a little, whatever it is you do, I'm sure it will be fine : )

    • Thanks! I now have a clearer idea of what to - act natural. =]

  • Be yourself and have fun! You don't need to get busy talking about deep things, not on a first date. Je aime ta francais ma amie!


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