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Should I leave my online boyfriend of 3 years?

I feel so torn right now and scared. I met my online boyfriend in 2007 and we've been "dating" on and off for 3 years. It is now going to be 2011. I was a freshman in college when I met him online. I live in Texas and he lives in Maryland. He still has not come to visit me in person. He calls and we skype, but I have been feeling that this is not enough for me. Everytime I ask him when he will come to visit me in person he gives me a date, and then when the time rolls around he pushes the date back. He keeps pushing his trip back further and further. When I would get upset over him pushing his trip back, he would get angry at me and act very hurt because apparently I don't understand his financial situation. He is working two jobs right now, yet he still cannot save up enough money to come visit me. He keeps saying I don't understand. That he lives with roommates, not his parents. And he has all of these bills to pay and it's hard to save up money. But he's trying so hard, he says. He tells me I am being selfish for not sympathizing with his situation. I feel very bad about it. But it's been such a long time, years! I want to know if I am being unreasonable. Another thing is I recently met this amazing guy in real life who goes to the same university as me. We've been talking and hanging out and it feels so nice to be with someone in person who cares about me. But my online boyfriend keeps talking out the future and saying he wants to marry me and that everything will be fine because once he finishes school he will move down to be with me. I feel like I cannot keep waiting on an uncertain future. Plus the fact that he still hasn't come to visit me. I really need your advice on what I should do. Should I leave my online boyfriend and start a new relationship with this new guy I have met?
Should I leave my online boyfriend of 3 years?
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