What is being kissed like?

I've never been kissed and I am just wondering what it is like


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  • Your first kiss will probably feel much different than you are expecting. My first time I wasn't sure what to expect and her lips were really soft it was amazing...its a great feeling hard to explain but amazing especially when it is someone you truly have feelings for.

    • ive never kissed either; is it possible to mess up? Like I don't want to bite him on accident.

    • haha alright here are the basic steps:

      make eye contact, as you start to move your heads closer keep your eyes open and then slowly tilt your head to the right and as you do that close your eyes...for your first kiss just don't open your lips too much so you don't bite him and make lip contact for a second or two...and then slowly move your head back and open your eyes and make eye contact and smile...thats all it is...its pretty awesome.

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