What are the pros & cons of a relationship?


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  • Pros : Having someone who can support you and motivate you emotionally, someone who can calm your soul when you are tired, having someone who can love you and whom you can love, being in their arms, having romance, sharing deep intimacy

    cons : everything can be bad if you are with the wrong person


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  • Being in love, having that special feeling about them, preforming all couple activities together, caring for each other etc...

    Cons could be little bit of drama sometimes but hey it’s all worth it

  • You can have sex and make out whenever you want to
    You also have someone that you need to show attention all the time to.


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  • Like the conflict between individualism and community.

    You feel like you can do more if you only take care of yourself. But in the end you don't have anyone to share it with.

    And despite all the problems associated, a good relationship actually males you stronger and better able to cope with life's problems.

  • Pros:
    -Someone is there to share with, talk to and hang out with.
    -When you're sick someone is there to care for you.
    -Traveling is cheaper and in some ways easier.
    -You can plan and reach goals together, e. g. saving a deposit for a house, moving into a new career.
    -Sex and intimacy are more accessible and more meaningful.

    -You are responsible to someone else so you give up a degree of autonomy.
    -It can isolate you from friends sometimes.
    -You sometimes need your own space.
    -You may spend less time doing things you previously liked doing.
    -Your partner will get to know you well so when you fight they know what buttons to push to hurt or anger you.

  • Pros: sex, feeling special, love, can have your sexual fantasies become true if your partner is interested in doing that, the feeling of there’s only one person in the world
    Cons: your stuck with one person, they can break your heart at a moments notice, and can become abusive male or female, ruin your image male or female, play you

  • Cons: drama, it'll cost you, it's only a matter of time before your heart gets broken, they might bring out the worst in you.
    Pros: You don't have to lie about being in a relationship, you don't feel lonely, you feel loved, it may bring happiness, and of course sex may occur.

  • In a healthy relationship there should be pretty much not that many cons. People in relationships shouldn't have to stop being themselves or seeing their friends just because they got a partner.
    If you feel like you're walking on eggshells or have to change to much then that relationship is not healthy at all

  • There are plenty of pros but there are no cons in a relationship between two souls that truly love each other. There are only consequences, like any other area in life, for not properly managing this relationship/other partner or not knowing how to do so.

    Relationships are beautiful but need extra care and it easy when you just know how to care. In the end, knowledgeable partners will bear the fruit of their relationship every day.

  • If you have somebody then you most definitely have somebody to lose. You are gambling away with your emotional well-being and hope that it would all turn out to be just fine or as you hoped for and expected it to be. You'd run the risk of setting yourself up for disappointments and frustrations. It requires many compromises and even sacrifices and also requires time, effort, energy, money, commitment, investment, etc. in order for a relationship to actually work and succeed, and more importantly both partners have to actively work together and support each other and move forward together no matter what obstacles the both of you encounter.

    If it turns out great, it can be rewarding, at least, for those that did get it work and turn out to be the way they worked toward it, hoped for it, or expected it to be. But it won't happen every single time for every single person on this planet though.

  • Basically the pro is if you get a good one it is wonderful. The cons are all the other BS you hear people complaining about.

  • Pros - I let you know if I can think of one.

    Cons - not enough space to list.

    This is like asking “What are the pros and cons of living in North Korea.”

  • Pro - you get extra Christmas presents.
    Con - you have to buy extra Christmas presents.
    Lol just joking! No it's good to be with someone you love and want to be with all the time.

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  • Pros: intimacy (it’s a natural human desire I think but nothing wrong with being single)
    Kisses hugs
    A family
    A friend
    Someone who has your back (potentioally)
    Just falling in love
    Getting to know someone
    Being close to someone

    Sometimes love isn’t reciprocated
    Sometimes needs aren’t met
    Sometimes misunderstandings
    Damages to a long relationship
    Broken hearts basically
    Sometimes people sent who they seem to be
    Expectations kill (I won’t date a romantic)
    It definitely takes work

    I see there’s a lot of negative people on here. Look, relationships are scary in ways cause it involves trusting and getting your heart broken. But also it can be an amazing experience and feeling. 😉 it’s worth getting a broke heart at times. Heck even broke hearts can become a beautiful thing to overcome. But also it’s good to be independent and on your own. When two independent people come together and they’re actually in love with each other, as long as they try to communicate with each other and work at it, it works fine.

    My relationship has brought me down but also up. Down because he’s made his mistakes and I’ve made mine, but we go back up because for me I've learned about life through him. Both by being in a relationship and also simply being his friend. Oddly I have more confidence in him than anyone else... but I also have my doubts mostly out of fear. It’s something I work on myself though because I see clearly that I’m with someone I trust.

    • Excuse my typos
      *some people aren’t who they seem to be

      By that I mean this

      I had a friend. Her name is Katie. Katie had a boyfriend named Jose. Jose threw her a 21st birthday party. She flirted with her coworker at the party that was thrown for her at Jose’s house. When he asked her about it, she made him seem like the bad guy by saying he was abusive and unsupportive when really he wasn’t. Then she told him to lose weight and work on himself... she dated her coworker less than a month after (she dated Jose for a year and left him like no problem).

      I grew up with this friend since middle school. We were in college. She turned 19 when she cut us off. Later we found out that she ran away with her step dad to marry him.

      Shits a bitch sometimes

  • The pros are rather obvious:
    Companionship, support, intimacy, sex, and and and.

    The cons can be different for everyone, depending on what someone prioritizes in life. But they can be:
    Lack of individual freedoms, having to compromise a lot, being bound to one sexual partner, and more.

  • Cons:

    You have to take another persons feelings into consideration.

    Compromise sometimes about things.

    Share half of the bed, remote, food.

    Remember anniversary’s , birthdays, etc...

    Seems like you have no time for yourself. ( feel suffocated.)

    Reassure that you still love them.

    Meeting the parents and friends.



    Someone you can talk to about anything ,


    Someone to cuddle,

    Being with someone that makes you happy and gets you.

  • If u truly have someone that truly love you and will never cheat on you nor lie nor go behind your back then there are no cons

    Here is one con :losing your love one

  • Pros is that u have someone who u can share everything with nd have support, love nd even a best friend

    Cons is that someone else's problems in life becomes your own. And u don't have the freedom like u use to

  • Pros: sex, tummy butterflies, companionship

    Cons: altering your routine to accommodate someone else, compromising, having that awkward "getting to know a new person" stage

  • As people have said in a good relationship there are not many cons. And the ones that do exist won't feel like a big burden tbh.

    • I beg to differ. People in LDRs don't know what it is to face a live relationship 🤣

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    • 😛 maybe lol

  • Cons: the posibility of breaking up
    Pros: everything else

  • Pros: you have someone to share your problems, won't feel lonely, share opinion etc

    Cons: lot of dramas, the commitment, heartbreaks, etc

  • I see people in relationships get fatter... They also spend more

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