Am I a bad girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 months today, and I still haven't kissed him. Last night when the countdown was at 10, I could tell he wanted me to kiss him but I was too scared so when it hit midnight, I hugged him. Is it bad I'm still too scared to kiss him?


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  • Hell, I would've grabbed your face and planted you one if you were my gf.

    • I could tell he was a bit disappointed that I didn't kiss him, if you we're him, would you be mad at me for not doing it?

    • I would think you were repulsed by my beer, vomit breath. If not, and you turned your head away as I was goig to kiss you, that...would be a bit disappointing. I'm not obsessed with kissing in general, I'd rather kiss your labias, but that was a special moment so yeah...disappointing

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  • what's your definition of dating? seriously 2 months and no kiss? how old are you?10?

    • I'm 17... I know, immature.

      This is my first relationship so I have no clue what the hell I'm doing..