Is it true that Danish men needs to have sex first with a girl before he decides if he likes her?

How casual is sex among Dansh men? Would a Danish man date a girl who is not willing to have sex easily? I heard sex is really as casual as hunger in Denmark, how true is this? Is it a turn off to them if you are conservative it terms of sex and if you let him know that you cannot just have sex with anyone? How different is the dating scene in Denmark from the rest of the world?


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  • All over the world there are guys who only thinks about sex, so yes there is some in Denmark too. But not all of the guys are like that. Sex isn't everything in Denmark.

    About the dating scene in Denmark:
    I have lived in america for some time, and what I learned about dating there was: Oh, a cute stranger, what's your name, you're cute, wanna be my gf/bf?
    In Denmark I feel it's me take more time to get to know the person before we start dating.


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  • No one's answered this question for a month?

    Sounds like a scam to me. A way to talk you into bed. This is a satire news story, but I think it's fitting:


    • Thanks for answering... finally someone paid attention... =)

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  • I think the dating scene is casual, but then again I´ve never experienced anything else. There is a saying that if a guy buys you a beer, he want to have sex. BUT there´s also a lot of good guys out there.

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