Have you ever tried online dating?

tried online dating. good or bad, what's your take on it?


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  • I've tried it; that is, the free dating sites.

    I've had a tough time with them. It seems like a lot of these sites have horrible organizational seraches.

    One site in particular places my matches; but these matches are not based on religious views or age, (things that I would find important) but by geographical closeness, which isn't a big deal to me.

    The other sites I look through, I would say a majority of them are spam. I decided finally to e-mail a girl that seemed very genuine, and a decent match. I use a special e-mail just in case, so that these people can't get a hold of my information until I decide to give it. So I e-mailed her; a week later, I got a good sounding message (sounded real, not like an add) but at the bottom she told me how to contact her (another dating site). I did a search (luckily I didn't have to sign up), and her profile didn't show up. Ok. Skeptical, but. wasn't sure if it was still an ad, as it did sound like she had written specifically answering me.

    So I wrote a short e-mail just making small talk.; again, nothing too personal given. 3 months later, she e-mails me. This time she answers using a different name, but using the same subject header. Ok, so it's got to be spam.

    However, I have met with 2 girls who have seemed ok, minus that they weren't all that interested in e-mailing me. No bad feelings at all toward them, and I wish them luck; it just wasn't working as far as communication goes.

    Now I don't knoow about pay sites, but I'm not really interested in paying 50 dollars a month (which I can't afford) to get ignored, or spend my time searching for people that I end up having absoltely nothing in common with. I do that exceptionally well with that for free in real life.


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  • lol yes it was amazing experinece then your pathetic ass finds a real girl and you grow up and become human again

  • I won't lie, I'm curious about it. never tried it before.


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  • Mostly spam. I didn't try all of them but people tend to lie online even if they are truethful in real life , I guess they are using online dating as a shelter to hide sort of stuff or at least to delay them till the right moment. In person I don't know anyone so far who have worked it out through online dating. That's my own point of view after all.

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