Perhaps a planning problem?

so.. I've had this thing for a guy for a while. we had class together last term. we would flirt a lot during class, we exchanged numbers & we were talking. towards the end of the term I asked him to hang out, he accepted.

class is over, and I've tried to hang out with him three more times. I wasn't pushy, I made it seem casual, but one on one for sure [ie: avoiding group things & parties]. he attempted to make a day, but wasn't sure, he didn't ever get back to me. he's totally overlooking the 'hanging out' texts.

i would say that he's not into me, [which is fine], but there's a catch. he keeps talking to me. I don't think he wants to hang out [avoiding], so I stopped starting conversations all together, & in the past two days, he's started 5 conversations. he seems to want to talk to me, but not hang out.

whats his deal?


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  • I wouldn't call this a "Planning Problem".It sounds like one of two things in my opinion...#1: Something is holding him back.***Maybe he doesn't have any money to really spend if you guys do go out,so he doesn't want to seem broke. Maybe he is suppppeerrr nervous and can't seem to get beyond that. There could be a number of reasons.Maybe he is trying to get to know you better by talking first...but not face to face. #2: He not really into you.*** Maybe he is initiating conversations because he likes you as a person,BUT he's not trying to date you. Just because a guy initiates conversations with a girl,it doesn't always mean the guy wants to take it further to dating and this goes vice versa. Maybe there is someone else in the picture?Someone he's not over...who knows? It's not by coincidence that he is ignoring that very specific thing (hanging out).If I were you,i would just continue to be friends,(which is what you guys are),just get to know him,and not mention hanging out again.Let him be the one to mention it. And if he doesn't,oh well.Move on to the next one.Try and enjoy the friendship if it is a good friendship. :)

    • he's working two jobs, so I know he's not broke. he lives on his own & makes a living, so I'm pretty positive that it's one #1. I mentioned that I made it sound casual, like.. lets hang out & bullsh*t to avoid the second one, they're not dates. I'm not asking him for supper, or anything like that.

      he's currently single, I asked him prior to when we were talking, I interviewed him for a different class, he doesn't have any kids and he's single. :S

    • Okay I see.So...maybe he isn't that into you (anything more than friends)or he wants to take things super slow.Either way,dont mention hanging out again,and don't out all your eggs in one basket.Good Luck:)