Am I being played?

so me and this guy just met about 3 months ago and we really hit it off. We both knew instantly that we liked each other, and he even started going to the church I go to so he can see me. About 2 weeks later, he asked me out on a double date, me and him, and my friend with his friend. We went to watch a movie, he was really sweet and he's a gentleman. During the movie we cuddled a little bit.but I knew that he was still in a rocky relationship with his Girlfriend with whom he had been on and off again (when we first met, he had broken up with her) in the past couple of months. After the date, we dropped off my friend and his friend.and I ended up sleeping at his house. We didn't do anything inapproriate, we just kissed for about 5 sec. and I told him that we couldn't do that since he had a girlfirend. He was very understanding of this, he didn't nag or beg, instead he went on to tell me how he's unhappy in the relationship he's in right now. So now its been about 2 weeks since that night, and we've kept in touch. He keeps asking me to hang out again, but I've been really busy. Just recently he asked me if I would like it if he asked me out.and I said sure ur a nice guy, but you already have a girlfriend. He told me that he broke up with her.but his facebook relationship status says that he's still in a relationship. I asked him why, and he said its to keep some girl from hitting on him. Then I asked a friend of mine who knows his girlfriend to check her relationship status.and she too is still in a relationship. So I'm asking myself, is this guy a player?

He's always so smooth in what he says

He's not breaking up with his girlfriend, but he wants to be with me

How do I know that if I go out with him he won't just find another girl to replace me like he did his girlfriend?

what should I do?


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  • Meet the rebound guy... he probably likes you, so I wouldn't let it make you feel bad or used. but at the same time, he is really attached to his ex-gf. Maybe the relationship is over, but maybe they are still so attached to each other that they are both considering it more of a "break" than a "break up"-

    If you really like this guy, you can't let him use you for a rebound. It's good you've been busy, he'll think you are harder to get. Eventually, he'll have to make a choice. It wouldn't hurt to show him that you are dating other guys too... let him be the one to bring up monogamy- not you

  • -Could be or could not be a player but by what your saying he sounds like he could be.

    Well if he's not breaking up with his girlfriend then he's trying to play with you.

    thats the thing you don't know if he would do that to you,you have to learn more about him in order to really know him.I say don't do anything with him for now until you know for sure that he dosint have a girlfriend because people could see ya and they will only be blaming you and your ganna find some issues with his gf.