Am I having an affair with a married man?

So here's the story: I work at my college and at the beginning of the semester, they hired two new people - a married couple. Eventually, we all befriended each other and started going to parties / kickbacks together. One night though, when his wife was not there, a bunch of us got drunk and me and the guy ended up sleeping (not having sex) together on the couch.

Since then, he's pretty much texted and called me everyday. He became the guy who took care of me at parties, I'd sneak out in the middle of the night to go see, he'd bring me coffee in the morning and constantly invite me to go out to lunch / dinner / hang out with him. A couple weeks ago, he invited me to go hang out with him at work and we ended up hooking up. Since then, he's been extra flirtatious and we kiss every time we see each other (which is often). We're even going to be on vacation to the same place at the same time and he expects us to meet up when were there (his wife won't

be there). And the funny thing on top of that is that when he's present with his wife, he ignores me so much. I have no idea what's going on... Is this an affair?


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  • in a word yes

  • yes it is


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