Guys-what impresses you on a first date?

On your first date with a girl, if you are looking for a serious relationship. What would impress you/keep you interested in her? What would be a turn-off/make you not want to go on another date? Any tips/advice for a girl?


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  • For me, for one thing, don't focus or get across that you're interested in a long term relationship on a first date.

    Big no-no.

    If you want one, let it come naturally.

    Pushy girls really do that...they push you away. This is a tough question though because I've been on all sorts of dates, with all sorts of girls, with a wide range of personalities.

    Very rarely, if I had to give a number I'd say 1 in 10 girls really impresses me with a whole package.

    Big turn offs are girls that judge a lot or talk about a lot of gossip/bs. Nothing worse than seeing a fine hottie and then watching in front of you as she morphs into the Swamp Thing as the words coming out of her mouth simply talk about negative, irrelevant things.

    Be high and positive about life, and be witty, challenging, funny...spontaneous...I love women who aren't afraid of adventure...that would keep me interested. Also, confidence - gotta love a confident woman. For me, this is simply a girl who knows she's sexy but doesn't try to prove; she knows she is a winner in life. I'm also impressed with a girl who suggests to go half way on a second or third date (i.e. if you have tea or ice cream or something involving food)

    And don't be flaky.


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  • turns off - bad habits, bringing up bad past for no reason, signs of not being over someone

    turns on - being a good person, laughing, having a story, caring personality, being a girl

    differs for each guy of course


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  • good question. I wish more guys would answer

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