Which one would you like to date and why?

OK I'm going 2 describe to different girls and you vote which one you would like to date and why!

Girl 1:Honest with you.Loves to talk to you and make you feel like your loved!Never messes with other guys when she is in a relationship!Tells you where she's going and who she's with.Will do anything and everything for you.And respects herself.And want let you get in her pants until at least 3 2 4 months of yall dating.

Girl 2:Likes to talk to a lot of guys.Has the rep of being a hoe.Lets you get in her pants the 1st day y'all meet.Kisses other guys while she has a boyfriend.And sneaks behind your back and be with other guys after school.

This all is a part of my life.I'm girl number one and my ex's girlfriend is girl number 2.Note that he broke up with me for her.And their 2nd or 1st month of dating she got pregnant by him or so she says.And they have only been dating for 5 months and she is almost 4 months pregnant


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  • I'd like girl #1. I would never go out with a girl that has a rep of being a hoe (especially one that gives it up that easily). Sex isn't everything for me, I guess I'm weird.

    • No your not weird.Because that's the same way I am!

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