Ladies: How would you prefer a potential date handle first meeting you?

Let's face it, there's multiple ways to handle situations but very few come across as comfortable for most women. The guy either comes across as too arrogant (by going after what he wants) or too creepy; as well there are guys who come off shy or like friend material.

In middle school and some of high school, it was as easy as writing notes back and forth, maybe going on a few dates, and eventually asking the girl out -> But even then, 9/10 times the guy wouldn't get the girl he's interested in.

Explain how you would prefer a guy to behave/act/demonstrate himself in order for you to find him attractive; to make it interesting let's limit this to being complete strangers at first, then after meeting it could lean towards going on dates, etc.


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  • every girl is different and likes to be treated differently.

    e.g. a shy girl is not gonna like an arrogant / player-ish / macho attitude while a party-girl would love it.


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