How to be tactful with a guy you're trying to date/or dating?

Some tips, suggestions on how to be tactful with a guy you're dating?

I'm way too blunt at times.

I need some helpful tips on being tactful when speaking with guys. I'm 20. Not so much long term dating experience. etc.


Is telling a guy you're a virgin a bad thing sometime after you first meet a bad thing? Like NOT , Hi, my name is ____ and I'm a virgin. But more like, working it into a conversation one day or if it comes up. I'm proud of it. But does it make most guys want to get into your pants MORE because of that? o_O


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  • XD To the getting in the pants thing. Personally, I find that that information is meant to be private unless brought up for purposes within people you are close to or with a partner you've grown close to. For you, though I just say go with it. It's who you are, so why not? I see how you're scared about being too blunt, but I guess bring up your intentions. Like yeah I haven't had much experience, I'm a virgin, etc, but it's of no importance now, just throwing it out there. Like in a way, so he's not thinking ohhh so you want to lose your virginity or oohh I shouldn't expect sex with you. When the time feels right, sure. Oh and I don't know about guys' attractiveness to having sex with a virgin v.s. not. Hopefully, he's into you more than just for that. Hope it goes well!