I want to hang with him but he isn't making this easy.

I got a text from this kid I met on new years eve whom I could possibly grow feelings for but its far to early to tell...

he asked "what are you doing tonight"

I go "nothing as of right now" - obv hoping he would ask me out

He says "o that's boring" - mmh k wtf

i go "its w.e lol"

he goes "yeah don't worry I am bored to"

uh WTF do I say back... I want to hang with him but he isn't making this easy I don't know what to say an would like for him to ask me to chill.. I don't know what we could do.. I need help ASAP


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  • we need more exciting lives. we should go rob a bank...or we could just see a movie


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  • you need to work WITH him. Guys don't get hints that easy. To me it sounds like you don't want to hang out with him


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  • make an excuse to hang out with him.

    I got a ________ from __________ for Christmas and I have to go to the mall, let's meet there.

    especially over text messages this poor kid is not going to get those hints. they just aren't as obvious as asking him out is. plus he'll like that you made the first move

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