Should I kiss him again?

Hey guys. I need help. I'm in love with a boy who is a total asshole. Well he's nice too me. But all of my friends and even his friends are telling me to let him go. they are telling me that he wants girls for sex. and that he only uses them. he is really good looking. and I know many girls who would kill for a chance to talk to him. well I've known him for a few months now. I I'm also kinda attraced to him. and two weeks ago he saw me at a party. and he kept on staring at me. and last frieday when we were at a disco he actually came up to me and said that he knew me and we talked and danced for a while. and in the end we were making out. and he asked me if I will be there next frieday. and I said yes. well and right now I'm kinda unsure. I really like him. but I know that he is a player. should I let him kiss me again this frieday? . I don't know . I also just wanna have fun with him. but I'm scared that I will fall in love again. but its like I'm addicted to him :)


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  • Pfft, go for it.

    If you're looking for fun, and he's looking for fun then I don't see why not!

    Just don't feel pressured into doing ANYTHING you don't want to.

    "No" is easy to say!

    Make sure he knows that you just want a bit of fun aswell so that he doesn't get some kind of "twisted" pleasure thinking that he's used you. Stay on the same page!

    It's not love, you said it yourself.

    He just happens to be an attractive guy, enjoy it. =]


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  • I think you should just have fun with him, but don't get too serious because of his reputation. But, people can change and become more serious, maybe he will change and begin to like you more than just sexually.

    But its too soon for anything, I think you should just have fun and try not to get too emotionally

    attached because you might get hurt.


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  • omg ahh I'm like in the same situation! everyones telling me he's a bad choice and I'm gunna be hurt.but he's so goodlooking and has a hot personality.idk what to do!.