Help!! What should I do next?

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years.

Lately, he's gotten distant.

I text him every day but I don't get a response from him everyday. Its almost like he will text me twice on two days, then will ignore me for two days continually in a pattern such as this. Like I said, I usually only get 2 texts from him.

What should I do?

Should I keep texting him...or just stop all together and wait on him to come around?

I don't want to break up, because I love him very much. I just don't know what to do next.

Please help!


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  • Yeah, sadly, a lot of guys resort to the "I'll ignore you and be mean to you long enough that you'll make the move to break up yourself."

    He is an insensitive prick and a coward. Be proud of yourself for getting rid of such trash.

    I hope you get better soon! You can talk to me whenever (:


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  • Well, first I think that you two should have a conversation about it. Have you talked to him about it yet? It could be that he's trying to force you to break up with him or it could be that he just speaks to you less. Some guys go through that after being with a girl for a while and they think they don't have to call as often to let you know that they care about you. I would say to talk with him before making assumptions. If you have and it doesn't get you anywhere then break up with him.

    • Thanks for your response..i ended up talking to him and he was a rude jerk to me. He had me bawling on the phone and didn't care and ended the phone conversation by just hanging up on me when I asked if he was OK. After that, I knew I had to end the relationship. :)

    • Well I'm sorry to hear that he's a big jerk. At least you know now. He'll end up regretting it later. They'll never tell you though. You'll find someone eventually who will appreciate you.

  • You can act distant as well, but the worst in this case would be his considering that you guys are falling out of love and taking it as your wanting the relationship to be over. So watch out.

    I suggest you give him a few days and then get him on the phone and ask him why he's being distant.


    • Thanks for your response.

      Thats what I fear the most is that he would think I wanted it to be over, when I really don't.

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    • poor ypu:( I lnow how that feels but you should have stayed strong.

      From my experience when my boyfriend broke up with me I would call him and he wouldn't answer,once he did I would start crying and that would annoy him more. After we got back together and we would fight I learned that crying over the phone just makes everything worse.

      now if we fight I actl ike I don't care and he always ends up coming back.

    • I agree on that. Arguing or fighting for him never works; you have to give him space and time so he can figure things out without pinning all the problems in the relationship on you.

  • From my experience, I've had a guy call me everyday, multiple times a day (this was just last year) and it still ended in a sudden break you never know unless you talk to him.

  • Maybe he's busy, taking you for granted, you're in it more than he is, he's losing interest... I guess make him come to you. Think of yourself. Enjoy life. If he thinks of you or you're worth being in his life, he'll get to you. And anyway a text 2 days instead of 1 isn't distance, so much as he's focusing on other things in his life. It sounds normal. Don't put too much pressure. Just wait. Do other things.

  • stop txting him make him text you he is so used to you txting him it has become a pattern. once you stop he's going to wonder what's wrong and may even realize that he misses you.

    do you guy just text or talk on the fone too?

    • We use to do both.. He just recently moved back home from college so its been since December 16th since he's even called at night. He was staying with his mom for a bit so I can understand the no calling to a certain extent.

      Like you said, its became a pattern since I always do the texting. I will definitely not text him and see if he comes around. =]

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    • Okay, I will. Thanks for that information. I'll act like I didn't even miss him. See how he likes a taste of that medicine. =]

    • Well hopefully it works out!(:

  • I've been in this position. I'm afraid to say that in my honest opinion, it doesn't sound to good. Like cuteshark said, he's being a prick, he want's you to break up with him because he's being 'distant'. He's not man enough to do it himself. Get rid of him. It will save it being more painful. Trust me, this has happened to me. If you don't break it off, then it'll be worse for you, and you'll regret not doing it sooner.

    If that's not the case, talk to him. But that is all I can suggest.

    • Thanks for the response.

      I ended up breaking up with him. He hung up on me when I was very upset and crying and he didn't even care. Oh well. That broke it all for me. I was NOT standing for that ANYMORE!

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