I dated him for two weeks.

Hello everyone,

Well, I've met this guy, and I thought that we went out for two weeks, and he was texting me 24/7. He used to come to my campus almost every day and takes me to many places. He's a charmer, great personality, and all my friends encouraged me to go out with him. Everything was amazing the last time we met. Then, suddenly, I got this text from him asking me to "just be friends". It really broke my heart, because I felt that he was into me, Why WHY did he changed his mind just like that?

I'm 100% sure that I've done nothing wrong. I was like an open book with him, but I didn't feel like he was open to me.

When I talked to my friends about him, they told me that he recently broke up with his 4 years girlfriend. I'm so pissed, because we already discussed our past together, and he didn't even mention her.

was he toying with me, then felt bad for me and left me or what?

p.s. the last day we met I gave him my external hard desk, and he didn't give it back yet. I asked him a couple of times to give it back, but he didn't reply. Then after a while he texted me saying " where are you ?" and when I replied, he didn't answer back.

wth is wrong?


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  • Way I see it, three possibilities:

    1 - He's trying to patch it up with 4 year girl. This means he's making boundaries b/t friends and her, and he wants to be clear. She may have told him to make those boundaries if they were going to work, or he may be doing it on his own. That breakup was probably long coming, and maybe he thought you two could be romantically involved, but now he's made a choice to work it out with other girl. This may be why he didn't want to mention her before. It's deceptive, perhaps, but not necessarily sinister. If that was crumbling, he probably entertained the notion of dating you when things were falling apart. Maybe there were indiscretions in his (or her) past, and he doesn't want to flirt with someone else (you) while their rebuilding.

    2 - He's just coming out of the long relationship, and he's throwing the net wide. He sounds like he might be on the rebound, and you might possibly be not the only other person who he's been thinking of being with now that he's back on the market. If this is so, remember, he's lost the closest person in his life (4 year girl), and he's using a new (or series of new) semi-romantic friendships to replace that intimacy. This is rebound 101. Maybe he went with someone else instead for rebound dating? Hard to hear, but that might be it. If so, you might be better off not being that rebound girl, even though that's not going to lower the pain you're feeling.

    3 - He never felt that way about you. This one's not nice, but its possible. It may be that a mutual friend or one of your conversations with him suddenly made him realize that you'd fallen for him, so to speak. If so, he doesn't think that the intimacy of your conversations and number of texts were indicative of deeper feeling on his end, and he's trying to clear the air. If this is it, don't feel bad, this happens to everyone, including guys.

    In any case, you need to be careful not to get petty now. He most likely doesn't realize how deeply you're hurt, and you will come across as bitter (or worse, pyscho) if you start hounding him with texts or channeling your pain into things like that external harddrive. Don't be a doormat about that harddrive, but be kind and remember that he won't think he's done anything wrong, and will resent you for acting like he has. This is really hard given how hurt you feel, I know.

    Of course, this is all under the assumption that he's basically a good person, not a predator or a manipulative player, which I guess would be Option 4. Only you can guess that.

    Good luck! I'm sure you're a great girl, even if this guy didn't see it. I hope this helps.


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  • stop analyzing it and get your external hard drive back! there's nothing wrong with you that isn't the same for every other girl. be happy with you, I don't care what you look like, other girls have problems just like you do. believe me, I've dated some very hot girls and every girl has something wrong with her, no matter who she is. essentially, we all have issues. people always think theyre doing something 'wrong' in dating when it doesn't work out. the only thing you can do that is wrong is not be yourself.

    be happy with yourself, have fun, be nice and expect a lot of yourself and I guarantee you will get a GREAT guy. the one thing I can tell you is the people who get what they want don't waste time doubting themselves. so forget him. he didn't work out. guess what... there are about 2,000,000,000 eligible guys just like him.


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