Is this normal when dating? I'm inexperienced!!

Ive only been in one long relationship that ended bad. I've been talking to a new guy for almost a year & I'm not sure if I'm making a big deal out of little things since I've never had a normal dating relationship...A few things have been bothering me-

1. We talk daily, things will be fine & then I won't hear from him for a few days & when I do he acts like nothing is wrong. Guys I've asked say this is normal for guys. They don't want to be clingy or they're busy, etc.

2. We don't see each other a lot. Were both pretty busy, but we only see each other about once a month. I've told him I want to see him more,he agrees, but it never happens. It feels like we are in super slow motion. He had a long relationship that ended bad right before we started talking, so I don't know if he needs more healing time or what.

I believe he truly likes me. I don't know why else he would stay in my life (no not for sex, we haven't had sex!). He's met my family etc.I guess my question is, am I making a big deal out of little things? I don't want to get on him for not calling or taking it slow, if that's what he needs. Maybe I just need to chill out? Any advice is great! Thanks!


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  • Well you both got out of relationships that ended badly. Maybe he might need more time to heal,etc. I do think if this relationship is a close relationship that you guys should try to fit each other in more with your busy scedules.I don't think you are over reacting. If you guys talk everyday then it should be no reason why he can't send a text saying he is busy or something like that. Communication is key in relationships. Maybe he wants to take things very slow or he could just be more cautious then you. The only problem is if you bring this up with him he might get mad and might not talk to you for a while.

    • thanx for the answer! Good points! Yeah at one point we did stop talkin for a few weeks..because I was confused to where this was going & I guess I made him feel he ended it..but came bak around a few weeks later. He told me I need to chill...ive been in this situation b4 it ended I guess I have my own fears. Yes we do need to communicate! We are both bad at it! Thanx so much for positive feedback!

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    • All your points, make lots of sense, I understand he's different then the last guy I was with, he's definetley more independant! my last guy would text me to death, called me 24/7...and this guy isn't like that, I need not compare them! I agree good communication takes time, we both have issues trusting people easily, him more than I..but hopefully things will work out!...Thanx again! =)

    • U are welcome. I hope things work out. And you are right. Everybody is different. And it is hard to trust people. :)

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