Is he a keeper or just another loser?

My boyfriend has some weird ideas, at least to me, that he has stuck in his head. He tells me that I have to text him because its just not his thing, and he said he'll never be on top ever. Lately he doesn't even get bothered if I don't text him for a couple days. He tells me he's busy and that we can't hang because when he's done its late. Cause when I ask him what's up his response is just chilling. He used to be lovey dovey with me and now he just seems like he doesn't care. I've talked to him and he reassures me that everything's alright. It seems as though everything is alright on his end and I feel like I'm worrying for no reason. Also every time we hang we have sex... which I don't mind, but he never does anything else with me except hang with his friends. Also we tend not to see each other much and it gets hard for me cause everyone puts me down about our relationship and that we should break up. But I love him so much.


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  • Well, I see several problems with this guy.

    For starters, he's insecure. If you have to text him for him to know you are still interrested, he needs to get a clue. If you have to text him instead of him texting you, he's not just insecure but confused. He's not even sure how he feels.

    Next, he is rediculously rude or lazy. He'll never be on top? That's just wrong It's a concious application of the subconcious. He is either too lazy to get on top and ride you the way you really deserve, or he sees it as your job to draw out his orgasm.

    Now as for the hanging... that could mean many things. Quite possibly, he's gotten bored in the relationship. Maybe he's lost the attraction, or maybe he just needs to be remided of it. I am not him, nor am I his friend. If he won't tell you what's up, ask his friends. Maybe ask them to help you set up something special to surprise him.

  • either he's f***ing lazy or he's a loser. more likely he's a loser, plus he is blatantly using you for sex, if I were you I'd get out of there!


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