Have any women here ever dated an artist?

Are there any women here who have dated or are in a relationship with an artist? If so, what is your general opinion on this type of person as far as relationships go?

I ask because I make a living from my artwork, (photos, paintings and CGI). Most of the women I date seem to be attracted to the fact that I'm an artist, but it never seems to work out. Many times I've been met with reproach by some of these women for not using them as the subject of my work; which can be asking a lot in some cases. A few times they get mad at me for doing work for clients that requires photographing female models. But the biggest complaint I've gotten is that I'm distant and cold when it comes to the subject of my work. In my defense I prefer not to discuss my work because most people feel they can throw in their two cents without knowing or understanding what my final goal with a project is. I've never dated another artist but I'm starting to think that it would be a more successful relationship.

I know this is a weird question but are these women just into me for my talents? Or am I missing something obvious here?


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  • I think women like artsy guys because they're supposedly sensitive and in touch with their emotions. Its possible that they are attracted to the stereotype but then again they could be attracted to you.

    I know what you mean about people putting their two cents into your work. I'm in Architecture and I just loathe when my Pre-med friends or Business friends say they don't like a space I created ... I didn't ask for their opinion and what do they know about arch?!

    I wouldn't think dating someone who understand your work would be fun but not all the time. What if you get along great and their is passion between you two... but then, you completely clash when it comes to your works? I would think that it's insulting to your life passion.


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  • you make a living of art? congratulation! your every lucky! :)