How long would you take to text a girl?

This guy has been texting and emailing me. We were going to catch up but he was away and told me we'd do that after he got back on the 1st and said that he would text me when he's back.

It's the 4th now...just wondering if he will actually text? I thought he seemed pretty keen but I would've thought if he was that keen he would've texted by now.

So just out of that sort of situation, how long would you guys give it after the 1st before texting a girl


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  • Not that much for sure. You can text him if you want, maybe he meant to text you but something stopped him

  • Though am nu here,i think I have a lil' suggestion 2 make:well 4 me I would've even borrow a fone smwhere 2 text ma gal and 2 show ma interest and 2 gain her trust,in the other hand if I were u,i would've bin done by him b/4 nw but you have 2 take thingz easy even though they aren' may be because of sm situation beyond his/ur control that it's not made known 2 you why he has'nt,so give a lil' tym or beta still if u're o'reworried try 2 call him and ask wassup! I ain't no pro* in this.


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