Does she really want to hang out?

OK there is a girl who I was really good friends with in the past, we took it past friendship and started to talk and it didn't work out. This kind of ruined the friendship and it was never the same after (this was ~3 years ago) so maybe 6 months ago she was working at a local bar and I told her we should hang out. She agreed but said after she returned from a vacation. The vacation came and went and she never contacted me. I hit her up again with a text and she never responded. Recently I talked to her on facebook chat (we were both drunk during this convo) and she agreed that we should hang out but after she finished her thesis for grad school. When texting her the next day I got very limited responses.

So should I believe she wants to hang out or not?

Sorry this is so long, I'm real confused by this chick


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  • basically if a girl wants to hang out but is genuinely busy she will give you a specific time or set a date, for example she would say something like "I have to finish this thesis, it will take me about two weeks" if she keeps it vague what I usually say is something along the lines of "listen, we are both adults so you can tell me if hanging out with me is something you genuinely want to do because right now I'm not hearing you showing interest"

  • Probably not. One message should be enough, if she would like to hang out with you she probably would. However wait for her response or she starting a conversation. Do not contact her more, you'll just seem desperate.

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