Guys would you be okay if a girl asked you to hang out/ dropped a lot of hints? I need major help!

OK I've gotten to know the boy that sits next to me in a class really well.. We have amazing chemistry and I know for sure he's attracted to me.. It's pretty obvious that he likes. However a)he is a senior and I'm a junior and b) we've chatted over facebook but never in text and c) he hasn't asked me 2 hangout yet and it's driving me crazy. Would it be okay for me to start dropping some serious hints that he should ask me out.. Or would I freak him out. Like if he brings up a movie sometime could I be like... We should go see one soon. I don't know what to do here.. & I'm sick of waiting/ I want to hang out with him outside of school asap! I really like him, we get along great, and he shows plenty of signs that he's interested.. I'm a very social butterfly kind of person & confident does that intimidate him? Can you think of any ways to hint that we should hang .. I'm too chicken to be straightforward


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  • If you have any mutual friends with him you could bring it up as a suggestion with all his/your friends there. After 1 time of hanging out when its time to leave home you could tell him you had fun and you should do it again some time. If you don't have any mutual friends you should make some since your a social butterfly so it would work out fine. Another way is telling him at some point that you forgot your phone and you need to make a qucik text and then leave your phone number in it. Lastly you could do the movie idea you said up there ^^^ its innocent and you sound pretty chill about it so I think its fine if you say something like that. If you do decide to to the movie one then you could tell him that he should text you to tell you when he can go and then give him your number...I hope I was able to help...good luck:)

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