Does it matter to guys whether the girl has had a lot of dating experience?

I'm a freshman in college, and (this is super embarrassing) I have never had a boyfriend. I've only been kissed once, and it wasn't anything too special. My question is this: will a guy think there is something wrong with me if I haven't had a lot of experience? I'm worried I won't know how to act or pick up on social cues, and that any guy will think I'm awkward. I keep telling myself that if it's meant to be, then he won't really care that I haven't dated a lot in high school. After all, less emotional baggage is good, right?


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  • Yes, less baggage is good. Experience is good too if you've learned the right lessons from it. Don't worry about awkwardness or social cues. Awkward/inexperienced/naive can be attractive, and often is. Just remember: (1) Be nice! Don't act like a bitch! Those guys in their early twenties are WAY more sensitive than they ever tell anyone, especially the better ones. (2) Don't be too shy, but especially don't be too close-minded. Don't make a whole lot of assumptions based on what you think you have heard and understood. That is worse and more annoying than baggage. The fewer assumptions, the better. Every person, every single experience, is different. (3) Try not to be, or act, too embarrassed, over not having had a boyfriend, or over anything else. None of that crap matters at all. Just give love everything you've got, and no one will even believe you ever felt hesitant, embarrassed, and scared at one time.


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  • Ok here is the thing we prefer experience but A: it means you are more conservative and less of a slut (a VERY good thing) :) and B: I am socialy ignorant in the feild but the key to any social interaction is to not say anything hurtful even if it is the truth. ( I have honesty issues meaning I'm overly so) :P and C: usually less emotional baggage is better but I know some guys who girls confiding and crying on there shoulder it makes them feel useful as long as the girl doesn't over do it.

  • The less ex-boyfriends I have to hear about and be compared to, the better.


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