Need helping date THAT guy? complicated story

there's a guy I liked he's a player although he never admits it. I met him online and I'm confident and sure its him. spoke once on the phone, fb, msn, and I know what school he does to and one person I know knows him. the thing is he's only seen a body shot of me, from the neck down because my sis erased it by mistake but I'm scared that he won't find me attractive he usually dates white/Hispanic girls, but he messaged me on fb first. so I know he likes my body but I'm worried about going on date with him.will he find me ugly?

please help. also he doesn't really text me anymore. how do I regain his interest without being the one to push?//////// thanks !



I never said he's not returning my texts! I never sent him a photo, he saw me on fb, and my head was cut out that's why it wasn't a face shot. were the same age and I'm 19...

thanks anyway
it was set to 93, because my mouse sucks don't kno how to change it
trueee thanksss


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  • If you're under 18 and meeting a guy off the internet, by ONLY showing him a picture of your body...that's a very bad beginning. If he's not answering your texts that means he's not into you anymore. Not that his affection for you could have been genuine in the first place since he didn't really know you. I don't see why you couldn't have sent him a picture of your face. Two how can anyone of us tell you if he'll find you attractive or not, when we haven't seen you. besides the fact that a decision like that is all based on personal opinion and everyone who reads this could say no or yes...but what this boys decision will be is entirely up to him.

    • you said he doesn't really text you why did you write again and say "You never said he doesn't text you" it's so funny how you got upset over someone being honest with you. if you wanted someone to give you a soft answer, to make you feel okay. I don't see why you're on here asking for advice that you won't take because you can't accept it within yourself. why do you wanna date a guy whose only seen your body, I never said you sent him a pic, I said he's only seen a pic of your body

    • also...if you're age was set to wouldn't say under 18 for your age. act like 19 is any more mature enough to be talking to a guy you've never met, who just likes your body. if he's gonna ditch you because he finds your face ugly (if he will) then why is that a guy you're wasting your time on anyway?