Married or attached men. Do you flirt with girls you are attracted to?

I know most people flirt because its innocent and fun.

But as a single women, It's very confusing, when to take a guy serious, as opposed to a guy that wants to have some fun, or a little attention.

I know the easiest way, would be to just ask, but, as guy's are afraid of rejection so are girls. So, without having to ask a guy; if his in a relationship.

How can a girl tell if the flirting is intentional or not?

Especially, if you don't know them.


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  • Is flirting really that different than anything else? I mean, if you are dating someone, how do you know if it is "serious", since some people (guys and girls) just want to date, without getting serious?

    After a few dates, though, can't you tell if it is going somewhere or not? And after a few flirts, can't you tell if it that's all it is, if the guy never asks you out?

    So yes, many married or attached guys do that kind of flirting, never really designed to "go anywhere"

    • You are absolutely correct, that's what I've been thinking. I just needed to hear it from other people. Thanks

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  • I think married or not guys like to flirt. My advice don't take them serious especially married men. I had a lot of married men flirt w me but they are doing it for fun. Dating guys does it too but they are doing for fun like married guys. Single guys if they do they probably find you attractive to flirt w you. Just smile back or flirt back if you like him. If you do it right you'll have him in no time.

    • I guess there's really know way of knowing, unless you just ask.

    • Yes even with all the signs you still can't say for sure if he like you or not. You have to ask him. I'd alway miss my chance with guys because I don't ask or I wait for them to approach me.

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