What habits can make a man feminine? What habits can make a woman masculine?


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  • Q: What habits can make a man feminine?
    A: "His" vagina. With all this transgender shit, apparently a "man" doesn't have to be a penile-human anymore. So, for a habit, always having to sit to pee.

    Q: "What habits can make a woman masculine?"
    A: Pissing standing up at a urinal.

  • Well there are a bunch, but they are really non issues.

    A man who lacks masculine traits its an issue, and more noticeable if he shows feminine. But the issue is a lack of masculine traits. A guy who is strong, tough, steps up under pressure, sticks up for his beliefs, willing to work hard physically or mentally, displays calm courage can go ahead and like fashion and his flower garden and making chocolate truffles or I don't know what and nobody will mind, in fact, they'll view it as positive

    Same thing for women. If she's pretty and caring and dresses up nice when appropriate, people like it if she can also do an oil change on her car, fix stuff around the house and kickbox.


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  • Men who are more controlled my women are as feminine’s.
    Girls who control men ore decide everything are more dominant


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  • Burping in public as a woman is more masculine x


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