Can't choose between two guys!!! really need help

There are two guys I like and they both like me back. They are both my age. Just wondering what your opinion on who to choose is! my friends weren't much help they said just choose who you like...

by the way: these two guys are extremely good friends...


guy 1: dark brown hair, hazel eyes really nice body around 5'4/5'5 (I'm 5'2). He always makes me laugh like all the time and he has a really distinct sense of humor that I like. He is also really nice and tells his friends that don't know me good things about me instead of not even mentioning me. He is a flirt which I like but I don't at the same time. He flirts with me a lot which I love but sometimes he flirts with other girls which makes me jealous but I don't think he means it. Also if we went out he would not flirt with other girls. If I decided to go out with guy 2 he would be upset but he would only want what's best for me.

Guy 2: Light brown hair, brown eyes, good bod around 5'3. He is really nice to me but can get kind of moody and jealous for random reasons. He really cares about me a lot but a few months ago when I didn't like him he wanted to make me jealous by asking my bff out but she obviously said no. He has a cute sense of humor, that you have to know him to get. He is also chivalrous. If I went of with guy 1 he would be really really upset/mad/sad with me.


I am just in a really awkward place and I'm kinda confused so I need opinions from the outside! thanks!


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  • Guy 1

    The other one just sounds like a needy little wuss..

    Or, if you wanna decide yourself, ask yourself this: who does your mind wander to the most? When you close your eyes when you lie down in bed.. Hell, whenever you're doing the naughties for all I care.. Who does your mind wander to the most?


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