Why does he keep texting me without asking me anything?

Me and this guy had a thing mid last year, it didn't go anywhere due to bad timing for each of us. Even though I really liked him, and just so we are up front.. I liked him so much that I didn't just jump into bed with him like I've done with guys before.

So I deleted his number and didn't expect to hear from him ever again.

Then out of the blue later on in the year (at least 6 months had past) he emails me asking if I am going to the same festival as him in a few weeks... he wanted to know so if we ran into each other it wouldn't be 'awkward'

I assured him it wouldn't be and we had a few jokes / banter emails.

I actually ran into him at the festival he was really drunk but seemed really glad to see me, tried to kiss me etc... and asked me back to his tent to which I declined as I was with a group of friends.

Anyway that was in December and recently he has been texting me, with nothing in particular to say, just random little things. Not even asking me out for a drink or anything.

I'll sometimes text back and then after a few texts (about 6 per day) I get frustrated, I delete his number and then he'll text me again in a few days anyway.

I don't really want to push and ask what is agenda is, I don't want to ask him out for a drink as originally he was the one that called it off last year and I'm a bit wary of him.

However I do really like him, but I think he enjoys the game a bit too much and I don't know whether to just stop messaging him altogether or just go along with his game.

Thanks guys I really appreciate your help on this one!

Cheers :D


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  • Hmmm. Hard to say what this guy's doing. Rather than sit around pondering if he's trying to ask you out in a weird way, next time you get a text, try calling his bluff. Meaning, you ask him why he's texting so you can see if he's fooling around or not. Sometimes people send annoying texts other than to be mischevious. Some parts of the USA characterize this as a form of stalking and is a misdimeanor.


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  • it sounds like yu enjoy the game yurself...yu really like him but don't wanna ask whts up or ask him out? yu delete his # but answer it anyway? yu can't expect sumone to be real with yu if yur not being real with them


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  • Sounds like he is playing around with you, next time he texts tell him you would appreciate it if he would cease all contact.