Will he come back to me?

We met online, got together twice, almost a third and forth but it didn't work out, haven't given him sex with the unsuredness of our situation, asked him if he felt the chemistry between us, he said yes, stayed flirtatious in communication for 9 months as he dated others off and on, now he is with one he seems to like. He hasn't been divorced for more than 9 months. Is he ready to be serious with some one? I told him I could feel it was 'gonna happen', to which he agreed. But that I didn't want to be another in his harem, that I didn't want to share. Told him to go out, get the rebounders out of your system, enjoy the girls chasing him, but that I wouldn't share...I want him when I don't have to share! Timing seemed to be an issue then. I knew there was a chance he'd possibly use me for sex and move on had I given that to him too soon. We are Facebook freinds but I give him his space, comment on occasion but try not to overextend my welcome. You can't make someone love you, but you can make them 'not' love you. Is it possible he will remember me and return to have a relationship with me? I have grown to love him!


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  • This one is tricky, I look at what people right and come up with the best case scenario. So I gather he is divorced and is probably still feeling the hurt from it. He is just trying to please his natural instincts, now if this goes on for to long he may be a lost cause. If you do feel strongly towards him I suggest NOT be to passive, be more assertive. Try to communicate more, he is a guy, he won't get mad if a girl is showing interest in him and wanting to talk. Just don't go overboard is all.

    • Thank you for that mature answer. I was afraid of the responsees I'd get. Some on here can be so rude. When you say "if this goes on for to long he may be a lost cause. If you do feel strongly towards him I suggest NOT be to passive, be more assertive." How long is too long? I feel like giving him space to figure things out without him getting annoyed with my affections toward him are needed right now. I have played this topic over and every which way in my mind, and I came to the conclusion...

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    • Well I can't tell someone how you feel, you need to be the one to do that. Am not the one that wants to have a relationship with this person. I know that it is scary, but I think it is scary to regret doing nothing then being scared of him not returning your feelings. You need to find the right time to tell him how you feel, try to get him alone with you, have light conversation and ease into telling him how you feel.


    • Thank you. I really appreciate your input. I will watch for the right, opportune time, hope there is one.

  • Nope

    He just wants sex and you are one of his rebounds


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