Going on a date soon...advice of any kind?

It isn't my first date, but it is my first date with a guy I don't know well.

Advice for making a good first impression from either guys or girls? It can be anything you think of. Thanks!


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  • I used to make sure that I never actually "prepared" for a date, ever. I am not sure if you're comfortable doing that but for guys a good percent of us think its nice and cute when you're coming out from the gut instead of a thought out biography.

    During dinner is the best time to get into each others external personalities and during the walk is usually when I ask about their life (indirectly is usually how I go)

    I would eat a mid to small sized snack before hand, this way you aren't starving enough to stop conversations to eat and you're hungry enough to socialize.


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  • Well for starts, be yourself. Don't say anything that would make you sound interesting if you have no idea what your saying, it may come back and bite you. Engage conversation, this guy may be shy and not know what to say, help him out by giving him things to talk about. Be funny, most kinds are kind of uptight at the start of the date, if you get him to laugh he will relax the date will go much more smoothly. Hope this helps a little.


  • You should give us more information, that way we can give you specific stuff to help. (Assuming you're going out) Movie? Dinner? Walk? Other? Kid-Like? Adult? Formal? Traveling far for it? Dance(ing)? What personality are you? (so we can use tips that don't require "acting")

    Otherwise all I can really say is the typical stuff and stress on be open and don't laugh unless you're sure its a joke XD

    • Not sure what we are doing yet, my guess is probably dinner and/or walk. Definitely adult and formal. Not traveling far...well he's picking me up at my house, not sure where we're going.

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  • Just be yourself. If they accept you for you then maybe it can lead to something more =) If it doesn't, you know they aren't the one.

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