How can I get her to choose between me and her boyfriend?

Its about my life..please read below and advice me...

We(me and the girl whom I love..lets calld D) became best friend just two weeks's been a year we became close to each other.. Just before a year. We'd been to educational tour from college.. And after that we became closer. I knew she had bf.. And that time I was in relation with next girl L.

Just as a and D used 2spnd times..we go4 walks and phone calls and day I realized..she likes me.. But I ignored because I was in relation with next girl L.Then after a month I got break up with L..then I told this to D.. Actually she was unknown about my relation with L because I had promised L not of telling about it to others..after that we all moved to next city for study. There we stayed for four five months and I was in pain because of breakup with L..I these time D helped to get rid of grief,i was in.we shared time day I felt like I was liking her..crush on her..i told her about it..i said her I don't wanna get love from her but just shared it because we're close friends..and as I thought,c too had crush on me.. I came to know by her that before 1month when she knew I had gf,she left her feelings go off..Then we kept on sharing lots and lots of time together..watched romantic movies together too,i used to leave her to the place where she used to stay..then we both started expressing used to be very hard for us to separate. In four months,only about two days we were out of contact.we use to say boyfriend and girlfriend 2 each other since our first month of being close friend..but it became the reality.. But next thing is that she is in relation with next guy too..his existing boyfriend lets say S..she used to meet her just sometimes and she knows I feel bad about that..

Then she went to abroad for further study..I ws with her on last day and first night too to see her going off at 2am in the morning..i know her family members and they do know about me also we chat for at least three hours a day..then fb mail..sharing I love you and I love you too..n just before two weeks she asked me to be her best friend..n I accepted it.. She knows I love her more than she does to me.. I didn't know what was propose..

Once I said her I love you and it was propose..but she did nothing and no response.. Later I knew its actually meant the answer and making choice.while chatting ..we discussed about it..then because of her I really proposed her..she didn't say.. she felt bad..she said she loves me but she is not choosing me.she says she can't leave her existing bf..she wants to leave him I guess..i think she is worried what if S do something..once he tried doing suicide too..n bla bla.. But I 'm seriously in love with her and she knows I want her to accept me..and she feels bad too that she's not accepting me..she feels bad when I talk about my ex and other girls so friends saying me not to be serious. She 's playing with you and bla..what to do


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  • Wow! Sounds like a crazy mess lol

    Id say definitely keep trying with her. It sounds like a cute relationship. Me and my boyfriend are never apart either.

    When would she be planning on breaking it off with "s" though? Wouldn't a long-distance relationship be hard on the both of you as well?


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