No replies to any of my messages in online dating.

What makes a woman who's trying online dating send a man a message, or respond to his messages?

I have been using various online dating websites very actively. From Eharmony to okcupid to In all cases I have had no responses to any of my messages, winks, pokes, icebrekers, or shows of interest of any kind. Only one woman responded to say she's seriously seeing someone else(...then why be on an online dating website?)

I have used pictures that I'm told are good.

I have wrote a profile that I have been told is good, and honest.

One system even indicates weather or not your message has been read and if someone has been active recently. None of my messages have even been read. WTH?


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  • Its kind of hard to tell. Is your profile picture of just you? Is it a full face shot No body pictures? Um what do you make the subject when messaging and what does your profile say haha

    • I have two different main profile pictures. One is a head shot of me smiling and well dressed. The other is a picture from this last Christmas... me holding my 1 year old niece big smile.

      The main subject of my messages is me asking questions about them, and telling them about myself. What gets me is that one website tells you if a message has even been read...they don't even bother to read the message. How can what I write matter? Why are they even on there?

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    • I guess I'll have to do that. I thought if anything it would add a cute factor. I have such a genuine smile in that picture and that's something that's hard to fake. :-/


    • In theory its a good idea Good luck :)

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  • get out in the real world! its not as difficult as you probably make it out to be! so you'll be shot down a couple times. but you get back up and start all over again. that's apart of life. you have to live and learn.

    • I have been shot down more like a couple thousand times... only to get a couple of good relationships. Going through another 1000+ rejections almost does not feel worth it. Thanks for answering though.

  • Try getting off dating websites and meet more people in real. You might have better luck at that :)

    • Thanks... but if that were the case I would not have gone online. I have tried every real life approach...from speed dating, to hobbies to "just giving up and letting it happen". None of it has worked.

    • Well, you have to keep trying, that's how it works. You can't just give up. I'm sure there's someone out there who is just perfect for you. All you have to do is find her. I'm sure you will :) eventually.

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