Don't TALK about other women in first dates!

seriously guys, don't talk about how hot other women are, even if they are actresses, when you're watching a movie or just having a conversation in the first few dates. If you've been on less than 10 dates, shut the hell up. Ideally, you'd shut up at all times, but definitely do it in the first 10 dates

We all know that men look at other women. But what separates the boys from the men is who can keep their mouths shut out of respect.

It's not a jealousy thing. It's a respect thing. I look at other men and I always will. Men are hot. Some are hotter than the one I'm dating. I get it. People look at others of the opposite sex. Women are just more sly about it and more considerate.

So seriously, what do you women and men think about the actual TALKING about other women?


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  • baaahahah! I would worry, and probably lose interest in a guy who didn't find other women attractive. But talking about them & indiscreetly checking them out when you are just getting to know me is a deal killer. I wouldn't do that to you. It is a respect thing. Yup, no tact = boy. You crack me up flurry.


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  • What if she starts talking about hot male actors first? This has happened to me more than once. She starts talking about how she loves this guy or that. Then I follow how I think so and so is hot. It doesn't bother me if it us just casual conversation, but it does bother me if she seems to be really passionate and emotional about it, like she is really obsessed and in love with these actors she will never meet. It does make you feel like you could never measure up.

    • that's exactly how it makes us women feel too. You're right, I shouldn't have been so one sided. Women are guilty of doing this too, it's just that (you have to admit) men do it much more often.

      It makes us feel like we can never measure up and that he's settling on us because he knows the other woman is out of his league. but also, it's just plain disrespectful.

      and it's disrespectful of that girl to have done that to you too.

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  • that is so immature. if a guy did that I would assume that he was passively trying to let me know he wasn't interested in me. or that he was trying to make me feel bad about my looks.

    it is a turnoff. I start looking at other options if a guy does that.