Ladies which quality in a guy is least important to you?

So its fairly clear which qualities attract you to a guy but what if he wasn't the perfect man?

I would like you to choose the quality you could sacrifice not having in order to have the rest and more!

I've only chosen 4 options to make it as difficult as possible.

Feel free to comment on other less important qualities :)

  • Sense of humor
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  • Trustworthy
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  • Intelligent
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  • Kindness
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Most Helpful Girl

  • So difficult to choose..but from those options, the least important is kindness, because I am already, so it could give a bit of balance and chemestry between us.

    But to make me laugh is just something necessary hahahaha lol can't even imagine without it hehe

    Trustworthy is the foundation of the relationship...and intelligence is also indispensable, because I want to have long and intersting conversations with my boyfriend, and admire how intelligent he is (for being my bf) ha ha :)


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What Girls Said 5

  • For me Trust,intelligence and Kindness (and sense of humour) are importand ..but out of the options sense of humour is least

  • Ahhh! I can't do it. Ok, I'll try... for you.

    trustworthy; intelligent; sense of humor; kindness

    Well, kindness gets the boot.

    But just for the record: I want it ALL.

    giggle snort

  • Intelligence is a must with me, because I'm a nerd. Without intelligence I won't be able to comminicate with him. Since of humor would be next because I can be rather tormentful and love to joke around. =P

  • Out of those listed, sense of humor is least important to me even though I would prefer a guy to have this as well. I need a guy that is trustworthy, intelligent, and kind. If I can't trust a guy, our relationship will never last. I wouldn't be able to stand being with someone that is an idiot and uneducated about things going on in the world. If a guy isn't kind to me and others, our relationship would never last.

  • least important? I guess intelligence.

    if a guy is completely dry with no personality I probably wouldn't even want to be around him

    if a guy isn't trustworthy he isn't a good person

    if a guy isn't kind and he's mean then he's a crappy person

    so if I had to give up 1 of those it would be intelligence. I'll be the smart one as long as he's sweet, trustworthy and funny


What Guys Said 1

  • Good question dude... I think you should give more options (what about looks, lol - we know nobody wants those :) I think in a female I'd sacrifice the intelligence... but its still a huge factor. in general, I would sacrifice a girl's fashion sense more than anything...