Texting the ex?

My boyfriend has a child with his ex and they currently share custody.they are really close friends and still text each other .he says just to see how there child is doing? He was with her for 8 years and was in love with her but he says he's over that and wants to be with me because he loves me and loves what we have.am I just being a jealous girlfriend? I just don't see why they are still texting each other all the time.My exboyfriend lied and cheated on me all the time and its really hard for me to trust.but I'm really trying with my boyfriend becuase I love him and I really want this to work.Is it okay that they text and I'm overly concerened about nothing?


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  • That texting could be an irritating thing!

    Because when ever my girl texts, all I wonder is why can't they call.

    So don't feel bad, it makes me a little suspect myself.

    But if he tells you he loves you, all you can do is believe him.

    I think you are doing fine, because if you allow him to TEXT his ex, then you do trust him.

    Being in Love leaves you OPEN.

    So you naturally try to defend, but I can see you are strong hold back your defenses.

    Continue to be strong pretty girl.

    Good Luck


    A Loving Black Man


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  • yes your being jealous but he does have to keep in contact with her for the kids . be sides if you don't trust him read his text messages


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  • That's a tough situation. I guess you just have to think about how much you really trust this guy. Has he ever done anything to make you think different? Like, was he straight up with you with the fact he has a kid and everything? Or was it something you just found out? I think if this guy has been honest from the start then you should put a bit more trust into him. It is a strange situation. Normally for a guy to be txting his ex it would be raising some eyebrows. But throw a kid in the equation and it makes things different. Either way, if you're really bothered by it you should sit down with him and talk to him about it. Don't accuse him of doing anything. Just explain that it's kinda weird for you. He can reassure you. Good communication is key. :)